Have to be better

I wanted to put a time stamped how I began all this, and I wanted this date to be special, so I chose July 25, 2020. My first day of being sober after 20 plus years of drinking.

My story —->

Awhile ago, a little “incident” happened to me, it’s made me read a lot and realized a lot. And due to our current environment (Covid-19, etc.), I know that I have to be better. Not just in my finance, but just about every aspect of my life. So, I want to give you my warmest welcome to my landing page. I hope you enjoy the content. Cheers!

Updated 05/09/2021 Got my first vaccine shot yesterday, arm a little sore, but, feeling good getting vaccinated. I wish everyone stay well and healthy from now and beyond!

Life should be about chasing what you really want, not accepting what is left over.

(05/09/2021) Good is the enemy of great.

Updated 05/22/2021

I work at retail. And I don’t like it. Due to my poor choices earlier of my life, I am stuck with it for now. Do I want to get out of it, you bet! Ever since my “little incident” last year, I been working every weekend, and get my my hand on anything, everything that’s could propel me to what I really want out of this precious, and awesome life of ours. It’s it working yet, No. But if I stop working on it, or I quit now, then I would consider myself a failure. I know that I had messed up before, still I strongly believe that’s some much more ahead for me.

Updated 06/05/2021

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Updated 07/10/2021

I had recently finished reading Mind over matter by Peter Hollins. For me, all my mistakes or going to the wrong path could really tight to me having no self-discipline. And, the book gave me quite a bit of wake up call. It’s gives me the reasons why I have no self-discipline, and how could I have more control my owns matter. It’s definitely a book I would re-read many times. The other book that I had refer to quite a bit in my life right now, is The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz. I am not gonna give you a book review, but I highly recommend these two books. For a better version of yourself, and be better everyday!

Updated 08/07/2021

I had read Jon Acuff new book, soundtracks. Wow, for a long time over thinker. I have let my super power undercover for such a long time now. And if the only thing I could do right now is taking action. Make a new sound tracks, retire the old one. Action speaks louder than words

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One day at a time……be present!

I have to be better in charge of my financial situation, I have to be better getting my emotions under control, I have to be a better partner in my relationship. I have to be better at my work place. I just have to be better!

I had started to take control of my life, I quit drinking 318 days ago (as of today 05/31/2021 and counting). Try to get my financial in check, back to the black. Read as much as possible, listen to inspirational podcast, etc. Just try to be better at the age of 46. I know it’s never too late, and I realized I had wasted a lot of time. But, I know my future is ahead of me, and I want it to be better. My number one priority is health and family, and become financial independence before 50 years old. Then I can truly enjoy life and be a contributor for society, instead of living in a bottle.

Your obsessions become your possessions

Ed Mylett

My journey began with this company,

Now, I ain’t no saint, I still have my vice, I admitted I can never really quit all my vices, but I know I am a better person today than yesterday, I am sure of that. so, check out what I am into, and please, don’t judge!

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Goals are not promises; they are commitment. It’s your reason. not your goals that keep you from giving up.

I strongly believe everybody can change for the better, you have to make a choice to have a chance to change. Make a small, smart choice everyday, begin now. Over time you will be better in every area of your life.

With love 💓 and respect🙏🏻





Today, I choose to be different.

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