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Alex Wang: Ember Fund CEO Explains how his Company Intends to Make Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities More Accessible

Ember Fund is a company that aims to fundamentally change the way people make investments in digital assets. The firm has created a technology solution that allows people to easily buy into a managed portfolio of digital currencies. The Ember Fund team intends to bring key trading insights and technologies traditionally only available to institutional clients to anyone in the world who has $300 to invest and a mobile device.

Ember developers claim that projects are fully decentralized/non-custodial, which means that its users are responsible for providing custody of their own assets. Users’ digital asset holdings are accessible only via their individual mobile device.

Recently, we caught up with Alex Wang, co-founder and CEO at Ember Fund. While speaking to Crowdfund Insider, Wang talked about making digital asset investment opportunities more accessible to retail investors. He also revealed what his company intends to do with the $357,000+ capital they recently raised in a Reg CF offering which is still live on Republic.

You’ve mentioned that you’re partnering with a cryptocurrency hedge fund in order to introduce institutional-grade investment products to retail clients through your company’s mobile app. Please tell us about this offering.

Alex Wang: “Blockforce Capital is a multi-strategy fund for institutional investors that optimizes return and risk through modern portfolio theory, active risk management, and quantitative finance. Ember Fund will be working with its team of data scientists, machine learning engineers, computational astrophysicists, and Wall Street veterans to launch an algorithmic Bitcoin portfolio.

This portfolio leverages machine learning and regression analysis to generate signals and automatically rebalance between Bitcoin and a stablecoin. The algorithm measures long-term market trends, seeking to participate in the general upside of the cryptocurrency market while strategically losing exposure during downturns. The model attempts to improve risk versus long positions by 30%-35% by exiting its position in downward trending markets.

We’re really excited to be partnering. Both companies align on the vision to democratize access to institutional-grade investment products. Until now, there just hasn’t been a seamless, compliant, secure way to do this. We see a ton of synergies between the two companies.

We’ve believe that we’ve built a powerful platform that allows anyone in the world to securely invest in portfolios in a non-custodial, user friendly way. Blockforce has an entire team of machine learning and talented engineers working full time to look at and analyze on-chain data to make sense of price movements. Bringing that on to the Ember platform and combining forces just made a ton of sense.”

You’ve noted that you recently launched a regulated equity crowdfunding offering on Republic. You also revealed that the company has raised over $340,000 in capital in only a few weeks after launch. Please tell us what you intend to do with the funds you’ve raised.

Alex Wang: “We’ve spent this past year building the infrastructure and various investment products. We’ve processed millions of dollars, hundreds of thousands of transactions and have tens of thousands of happy users. Our only goal is to deploy as much of this capital on acquiring more users as profitably as possible. What this means is testing new marketing channels and scaling up some existing channels that are already working for us.”

Your company will launch a quant fund that “algorithmically rebalances” between Bitcoin (BTC) and a stablecoin. Why have you developed this product? And why is it important or useful?

Alex Wang: “We’ve already constructed a few portfolios that are altcoin-heavy. The idea behind this fund was to construct one that only trades between Bitcoin and a stablecoin. Across enough time, we wanted an effective way to hedge the downside and capture as much as the upside as possible.

Something like this just wasn’t previously available to retail investors. We’re excited to be partnering with Blockforce on this. The entire point of crypto is to democratize financial products and custody your own money. We believe this product aligns with our mission and brings us closer to that reality.”

Alex Wang: “We’re using the Compound protocol to deliver this product. This is exciting for us because it will give our users an opportunity to park their crypto and earn interest in a non-custodial way. This is useful in down markets when users aren’t doing much trading and also beneficial to add to our algorithmic funds, some of which are in a stablecoin 60-80% of the time earning interest.

This is revolutionary because end consumers are finally able to trustlessly, securely make their money work for them without rent-seeking institutions in the middle extracting value. This is how the interest rates are so high compared to traditional lending products, you are literally going direct and disintermediating banks.

Also, the way that the protocol was built is unique in that it’s effectively a decentralized pool of assets where interest rates are programmatically set based on the supply and demands of that liquidity. This allows for near instant redemption of the loans and overcomes all the hurdles of traditional decentralized lending (having to review, supervise, underwrite individual loans).”

Please tell us about the main products and services that you are planning to offer in the short-term and the long-term.

Alex Wang: “In the short term, the lending product and the algo fund are the ones we are focusing on. In the long term, the possibilities are endless. I imagine a day where users from a third world country can earn Bitcoin (BTC), invest in the app and get access to an entire suite of assets (real estate, cryptocurrencies, collectibles, securities, fractional shares of a startup) and have a top-tier quants or asset managers provide their expertise and apply it to those assets, all without having to interface with the traditional banking system. That’s entirely possible and extremely exciting to us.”

Make Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunities More Accessible.


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Is legit? How I got scammed! And how’s the Bitcoin craze got me into troubles. And you are not immune to it, trust me.

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So, it’s happened. I got scammed by being stupid. It’s about bitcoin mining, and I am out around $1600. In the back of my mind, I was always cautious this will be a scam, but my emotions got the best of me. I really wanted to get out of my current job, the enormous profits promise by the company ( got the best of me (I bought Bitcoin around 14K last year 2020, and price of Bitcoin now April 2021, wow, talk about one two punch to my gut, 😒). I got “hooked” by Clara J Woodard on FB, you can find her profile on Facebook, and I recently saw here trying to “lure” people into her scam on the Rich dad, poor dad page. Please be really careful about this. I had check out the company myself, and it’s nothing but a fake company located in an apartment complex at England, I will show you certificate of the company, and the company had the same certificate with it, apparently by the same person register it. I had started with an investment of $500, then they said I have to upgrade my plan, another $1100. Finally, I thought I could withdraw my profit, and they insisted I have to clear a foreign transaction fee of $1800. If not, the withdraw could not proceed. Hmm….what do you think I should do. Of course you got scammed, you idiot. Perhaps it’s not so much about the money, it’s not that I was dumb enough to believe the lies. But, knowing that I have to go back to the job that I really hate makes me really depressed. Well, I learned my lesson, back to the drawing board and start over again. It’s just a matter of time I’ll get out of my current job. I’ll keep you update. Wish me luck.

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Below is an email from I have reach out to them to really find out what I had suspected all along. You might already know some of the steps to prevent you fall into a scam, but I really hope this will help you to become an victim in the future.

Hi, Chun

My name is Gregory Robinson and I am the Senior Scam Expert #SSE002 here at I am reaching out to you in regards to your scam inquiry submitted with us on Jan 17, 2021 12:46 pm about

After a thorough investigation, we have determined the offer to be a SCAM attempt and we highly recommend you take the following steps:

  1. Immediately cease all communication with the scammer. 
  2. Block their phone numbers, email addresses, and/or websites.
  3. DO NOT send them any money.
  4. If you have already sent them payment via a check, bank card, or credit card, contact your financial institution immediately and have them stop or reverse the payment.
  5. If you wish to warn the public and expose the scammers, please create a public report here.
  6. If you are targeted by scammers, your personal information may have been breached. We highly recommend that consumers whose information has been breached obtain identity theft protection service as soon as possible. There are several companies that offer identity theft protection in the US. One of the most affordable identity theft protection we were able to find is the protection offered by LifeLock. View your protection options here.

If our investigation has helped you, please consider sending us a small token of gratitude. Click here to send a $1 tip. 

Please note that the information and opinions contained in this email are not endorsed by LifeLock. We receive compensation from LifeLock when someone becomes a paid customer. This helps support our scam prevention efforts.

We wish you the best of luck, and please let us know if you have any further questions.

Gregory Robinson
Senior Scam Expert #SSE002

If you ever come across these two companies, run away quickly. You could tell by the certifications, and google their proposed registered office address, and you will see that there are clearly not a legit company!

Just because I am down, doesn’t mean I am out, I had recently made up my losses from this scam thru trading options on Robinhood, if you would like a free stock, you could join Robinhood now! Please remember always do your due diligent before any kind of investment.

A crisis without fear?

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Be better than yesterday, financially, personally and professionally

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Be better than yesterday, financially, personally and professionally

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Be better than yesterday, financially, personally and professionally

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